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Are you a Georgia resident looking for an active, structured path to reach your goals? Clients often say I’m the first therapist who really gets them!

I'm a pro-neurodiversity professional with over 10 years of counseling experience. This means I’ll quickly help identify and support your brain's unique wiring, helping you to maximize your strengths.  

My warmly engaging therapy style is a good fit for people 18+ who are coping with stress, life events, late-diagnosis of ADHD or Autism, sexual concerns, or relationship issues. I will readily integrate Christianity in the therapy room - just ask!

I'm a graduate of Agnes Scott College and Richmont Graduate University. My husband and I have been married 16 years and have two children with brain differences. A fun fact about me is that we've joined together with friends each year since 2014 to pack a total of over 5,000 shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child. 

Are you neurodivergent (ADHD/ADD, Autistic/Aspergers, Gifted, Highly Sensitive, Dyslexic, etc.)? Is your partner? Your child? If so, I may be an especially good fit for you as you're searching for a therapist. My brain is neurodivergent, too. I've learned to embrace my brain differences. They are part of what help me to be such an insightful and skilled professional. 

Of course, all brains are welcome! You don't have to have a brain difference to benefit from my services: 

Individual Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Premarital Counseling

Discernment Counseling (for couples considering divorce)




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Individual Therapy

When you are the focus. 


$140/50 min. session

Premarital Package

Informative and fun! 6 structured visits with a 7th session FREE as a follow-up after the wedding. You will earn a certificate that qualifies you for a discounted marriage license in the state of Georgia. 


Relationship Therapy

When your relationship is the focus. 

$140/50 min. session

Discernment Package

Up to 5 structured visits to promote clarity in your decision-making when one or both people are considering divorce. 

$140/50 min. session  


Kelli speaks on a variety of topics related to relationships, motherhood, and neurodiversity via podcast, webinar, or other format.  

New! B.R. E. A. T. H. E. Weekly Zoom Group Experience for Moms


Stress is the enemy of peace. But for most moms, especially those of us caring for children with high support needs, chronic stress is a part of life. Is daily peace still possible? I hope so! Join me in a 6 week Zoom group experience designed for mothers of children with special needs. For 1 hour a week I invite you to share, learn, and grow towards peace within a supportive community of women. Groups are small and secure by design. 

Topics include: 

1. Reclaiming your identity as a person 

2. Self-regulation strategies 

3. Ways to promote peace in your home

4. And much more!


$150 paid in full at the start of the 6 week group cycle  

Life is hard. Choosing a therapist doesn't have to be.